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Owned and operated by our local Mission Partners, Lifenet Children's Foundation Inc. The House of Joshua is a rescue, refuge and rehabilitation centre for children at risk; providing  a safe and supportive home in an extended family setting for up to 25 children.

It is much more than just a roof over their heads, food and clothing, the House of Joshua is a place where everybody belongs and is valued for who they are. It is a place of education, although all the children attend school as well, with sports, social and cultural activities, a learning centre and library, animals to care for and a small garden to tend; and everyone gets involved. There are household chores too, like doing the dishes and helping with the laundry.

Many of the children have come from difficult situations and a resident social worker is on hand to help them work through their issues. Where possible children are reunited and rehabilitated with family members. The mission of the home is to give every child a hope and a future, to encourage them to pursue their dreams, just like any other family.

The House of Joshua also reaches out into the wider community with an holistic support program for families living in poverty and enabling indigent children to attend school through a funding program. Additional tutoring, health & hygiene and welfare activities are facilitated for families by House of Joshua staff, older children and community volunteers.

We support their vital work financially by providing grants and facilitating child sponsorship schemes. 


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Lifenet Children's Foundation Inc is registered with the Philippines Securities & Exchange Commission as a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organisation,  licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare & Development.


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Supporting community and schools based education and training programs for both adults and children, providing books, equipment and teaching resources.

Schools in the  Philippines schools  were completely closed for 2 years during the Covid 19 pandemic and have only just reopened for face-to-face classes (September 2022). Many poor families have no access to internet and their education was effectively on hold during that  time. We are waiting for the situation to settle down a bit more before launching any new projects in this area. In the meantime we continue to support the education of House of Joshua children.

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Working through local community partnerships to establish community workshops and micro-enterprise businesses through training, equipping and resourcing.

 Rising costs mean that shipping tools and equipment from the U.K. is no longer viable so we  now endeavour to source locally.

As the country is beginning to return to something like normal after the economic disruption of the covid pandemic we are exploring new ideas  with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability .



We are a faith based charity helping local churches and missionary organisations to reach out with the good news of the Gospel and support frontline workers. Providing practical and spiritual support through local networking.

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Working with trusted local Mission Partners, NGOs and local government units on a as-need basis to deliver practical, financial and spiritual support when emergencies and crises arise, at a granular level that bigger charities are unable to reach. Our close ties in local communities ensure that aid gets where it really needs to and enable us to provide timely and transparent feedback to our supporters.

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