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The simple fact is that we need money to keep the House of Joshua running; to feed, clothe and educate the children, to pay the house parents and other staff and the household bills. And the more children we help the more it costs.

Around half of what we need comes through our child sponsorship schemes and for the rest we rely on donations and fundraising events, whether one- off or recurring.

As a charity we have no paid staff of our own, and very low operating costs, so all the money you give will be used directly to help the people who need it most


You can make a donation via InvestMyCommunity - just click on the Donate Now  button above or scan the QR code.


Alternatively you can send a cheque, made payable to the Conroy Rendon Charitable Trust, to the correspondence address on the contact page.


If you are planning a fundraising or sponsored event please visit Invest My Community to create an online donations page.


-You can also help us raise money for for FREE - just by changing your internet search engine or using the Easy Fundraising Shopping Portal

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